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Your Privacy

This document is the Privacy Policy of Autom8XL Pty Ltd (Autom8XL), in the provision of Autom8XL solutions, services and support. 

Personal Information


Through the provision of Autom8XL solutions, services and support, we collect information in order to facilitate the provision of services on behalf of our clients.

In order to undertake the above activities Autom8XL is required to collect:


  • Contact information for client management and invoicing purposes;

  • Digital management information for actioning and managing digital resources on behalf of our clients;​

  • Information about technical specialists, partners, solutions and services for the provision of services to our clients;


Autom8XL respects your privacy with the utmost of importance and the systems we use to collect and store this information is secured by Security Certificates and 2-Step Verification for access by restricted personnel authorised by Autom8XL. At no time is personal information disclosed to Third Parties either local or overseas without your prior consent. Information is only stored for the time periods required to manage and provide services specific to our clients. and will be destroyed once this period has lapsed.

Autom8XL takes all reasonable steps to ensure that the quality of the information that is collected, used or disclosed is accurate, complete and up-to-date. Autom8XL stores Client and Stakeholders’ information in controlled facilities and takes reasonable steps to protect the information it holds from misuse, loss or unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.



  • Autom8XL uses sophisticated software to store your personal information when delivery Autom8XL business requirements;

  • We utilise cloud solutions that are housed in highly secure data centres practising international standards;

  • Access to our systems is restricted to authorised representatives of Autom8XL who are screened and adhere to strict confidentiality and non-disclosure requirements;

  • Security measures in place include the latest security certificates for online access or submission of information;

  • Key systems also have 2-Step Verification access requirements in place only allowing access via secondary pin codes;

  • Data Centres we utilise are housed in Australia, Denmark and the US.

Complaints and Requests

  • You can request your personal information from Autom8XL at any time by contacting

  • To access your personal information identification will be required to suitably identify your identity, at no time will personal information be disclosed without being identified.​

  • Your complaints, concerns or feedback is treated with a high priority by our Team and will be addressed in a timely and confidential manner.

Our Obligations

At Autom8XL, we are bound by the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), including the Australian Privacy Principles available at

Contact Us



Phone: +61 1300 087 005

Post: PO Box 780, Busselton, WA, 6280

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